Dr. Scott was born in Kingston Jamaica where she grew up and attended Meadowbrook High School. Following high school, she accepted a track and field scholarship to Auburn University where she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Chemistry (cum laude) in 1998. She went on to obtain her Ph.D. in 2005 from the University of Pittsburgh, under the guidance of Dr. Craig Wilcox. Her thesis focused on the development of methods for the synthesis of organic and supramolecular compounds. Dr. Scott then took a position as a Post-Doctoral Assistant at Southern Illinois University where she developed an interest in materials’ research focusing on silole-containing polymers. In 2010, she was hired as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Following her tenure at Southern Illinois University, Dr. Scott took her research to Mississippi State University in 2015 where she currently remains.

Dr. Scott’s research focuses on the design and synthesis of organic compounds and materials with desired properties and functions. Some properties include conductivity, electron transfer, opto-electric, optical sensing of biological analytes, and functional polymers for protein separation. Due to the ‘design-by-properties and function’ approach, the application of her research interest can be broad, although currently she is focusing on biological applications.

Dr. Scott is married and has a 12 year old son.


Research area

Post Doctorate


Daijun Feng

C-H Functionalization and Organic Semiconducting materials

Graduate Students


Mohammed Almtiri

Synthesis and characterization of Biosensor polymers



Ranganath W. Wahalathantrige Don

Synthesis and characterization of conducting polymers and polymer sensors

Guery Saenz

Synthesis of lignin-based and sustainable polymers


Nazanin Mokhtarpour

Synthesis of silole for applications in electronic devices


Chathuranga Rathnamalala

Synthesis of long wavelength florescent dyes for bio imaging and sensing applications


Ishanka Rajapaksha

 Synthesis of  small molecules for sensory applications


Hari Giri

Synthesis and Design of  Heterocyclic Aryldiamine Polymer

Undergraduate Student



Chris Garza

Synthesis of long wavelength florescent dyes for

bio imaging and sensing applications

Kezia To

Synthesis of lignin-based starting materials


Mariat Thankachan


              Synthesis and characterization of Biosensor polymers

Summer Student(2019)



Leonna Conley
Synthesis of organic semiconducting materials and it’s C-H Functionalization

Previous Group Members and Visitors:

1-  Qiuhong Lu                           (undergraduate)

2-  Kezia To                                (undergraduate)

3- George Barton                       ( summer-2018)

4- Nazanin Mokhtarpour         (graduate)

5- Eric Munyaneza                     (graduate)